Imagine a digital robot that will help you with all the details of a trip. This is what Third Act built and won If's innovation contest Safer Everyday. 450 contributions were included and competed with ideas that could make everyday life safer.

If is always interested in new ideas and solutions that increase people's safety in everyday life. This spring, they launched the Tryggare Vardag competition to encourage others to realize their own ideas to improve safety and security in everyday life. Both companies and individuals were given the opportunity to participate.
The prize for the winner: SEK 100,000 to realize his idea.

The winner became the Third Act with his idea of ​​a travel booth in Facebook messenger that helps people with important details before and during a trip. It can be anything from visa, vaccine information about the destination and direct help if the accident would occur.Those behind the travel base are Alexander Schultz, 28, and Leo Bülow, 27, who are trained in Hyper Island, Berghs and Harvard, and started their company Third Act at the beginning of the year after meeting at a Hackathon in London.

The idea was born when we listened to a Success podcast where Alexander Pärleros talked about the Safer Vardag competition, says Alexander Schultz.

"The idea is that relevant information should be super easy to reach and all you have to do is write and have a conversation with the bottom that should be personal and feel like a travel companion," says Leo Bülow.They won the Safer Vardag competition in competition with over 450 other contest entries."We became very happy.

For us, it proves that If is a innovative company that sees the possibilities of new technologies and innovations. If works towards the future and helps young entrepreneurs move forward. Thanks If, laughs Alexander Schultz.

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