Advanced enough technology is indisting-uishable from magic

We love to join you from the start of your project and be your companion through the whole journey, but we don't say no to a one-night stand.


Are you facing a tough challenge? Do you need to digitalize your services, create engagement with you customers or build a digital experience that makes your competition think "why didn't we do that?!"

We meet for a few hours and mix your knowledge and insights about your business with our creative approach to technology and design. - Who knows? This might move mountains.

App & Web development

Do you need a nice mobile app or website that makes your customers love your brand? We build it using the latest technologies in a world thats constantly changing. - Do you know you have about 50 milliseconds to impress your user?

Design & User experience

Design is not only what looks nice, but how it works and how your customers experience your brand. To look at design as something static is dangerous, the right way to look at it is something thats constantly evolving and changing. - Survival of the fittest, pretty much.

Chat & Voice-bots
Nästa stora grej är så simpelt som en konversation.
The next BIG thing is as simple as a conversation. You probably met Siri or talked to a customer service "person" that probably wasn't a person.
The technology is here and instead of fighting it, you now have the possibility to get ahead of your competition. - Have you ever thought about how your business sounds?

Augmented & Virtual reality

Maybe you though it was enough with two worlds? The physical and the digital? Rethink that. VR & AR creates worlds where your customers can experience your brand in a whole new way. Morpheus from the move Matrix describes it best.
- "Some rules can be bent, others can be broken".